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LED Savings FAQs

What can I do with my old bulbs and fixtures?

Recycle them! We will take your bulbs and either make sure they get to the recycling yard or are donated for re-use.

Should I wait until my existing bulbs burn out to replace them with new LED's?

Although your bulbs may have a significant amount of life left in them, they are still burning up massive amounts of energy. With energy prices rising and an incredibly efficient solution available, phase outs are generally not recommended.

Will the LED's look the same as my old lights?

Yes, LED's have more color versatility than any other type of light.

Do you make fluorescent tube replacements that look the same as my existing tubes?

Yes, our fluorescent tubes have the option to come frosted so that they look exactly like the existing tubes, just use 70% less energy.

How do you install the new lights?

The overhead spot lamps screw directly into the existing screw fixtures. LED Tubes also fit into the existing fixtures and require a quick and easy ballast bypass.

Is there a warranty on the new lights?

Yes, the minimum warranty is 5 years.

How will I know the lights are saving energy?

Besides a decrease in your utility bills, more advanced measurement and verification is part of the savings share contract.

How long do LED's last?

Our products last between 50,000 and 80,000 hours, which at 8 hours a day equates to about 17-27 years, which is 10 times as long a an incandescent bulb and twice as long a a fluorescent bulb.

What is the most important design consideration of an LED bulb?

The quality of an LED bulb is most influenced by the quality of the heat sink. A good heat sink helps prolong the life of the driver.

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