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No matter what your needs - a quick parking lot retrofit or major facility conversion - we are anxious to demonstrate how we shine for our customers. Need a custom solution for a new mall, office complex or sports arena? Our engineering specialists will create the perfect answer to your application.

Commercial Lighting Systems Initiative States

"Lighting represents roughly 26% of the energy consumption in the commercial building sector."

Market Structure
  • The total number of fluorescent lamps installed in the commercial sector is roughly 1.5 billion. In fact, nearly 30% of the total US lighting electricity is consumed in commercial fluorescent fixtures.
  • The Energy policy Act of 2005 & The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2005 have targeted the T-12 Fluorescent tube for extinction. Robust tax advantageous exist for commercial businesses to convert to energy efficient technologies.
  • With 70% of the lighting in commercial facilities as fluorescent1, energy efficiency programs encourage the installation of technologies such as LED T-8s. T-8s have evolved overtime with significant performance advancements including higher lumens, improved color rendering, longer system life and reduced wattage consumption.
Commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals and office buildings have varying lighting requirements based upon the workspace in question. Also, efficiency considerations regarding a new construction versus retrofit situation differ greatly based upon the design scheme. Furthermore, over the past decade, technology that has been promoted as high efficiency is becoming the mainstream. As a result, national, state and regional programs encourage the use of energy-efficient lighting technologies through a multitude of program approaches and measures to attain energy savings.


Exterior Space Lighting
  • Security Floodlights
  • Street Lights and Parking Lots
  • Gas Stations
  • Shopping Centers
  • Parking Garages
    Lights which burn 24/7 offer the best product replacement with strong return on investment.

    Parking & Street:
    Historically, outdoor lighting has been dominated by metal halide and high-pressure sodium sources. But now, LED surface luminance and uniformity is the new standard.

    Flood Lights:
    Now, you can afford to flood your commercial facility with productivity boosting white light. Floodlights are ideal for industrial work areas inside your building, too.
Interior Space Lighting
  • Airport Terminals
  • Schools and Auditoriums
  • Offices and Warehouses
  • Hospitals and Hotels

  • Rather than offer marginal product with limited returns. We specialize in several commercial LED products with proven technology and sustainability.

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