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Solar energy is heat and light that comes from the sun. Thousands of year ago people used solar energy to heat their homes. Today solar energy is being used again.

What are the advantages of installing a solar heating system?

Robust tax advantages exist for commercial business owners to install renewable energy systems, solar or wind, to their company's energy initiative and policy. It's better for the bottom line. It's better for the environment. Solar energy systems prevent pollution and many other types of environmental damages, and add to the property value for your commercial building.

Using an efficient solar energy source can help reduce our foreign trade deficit. Fossil fuels such as: coal, oil and natural gas -- currently provide more than 85% of all the energy consumed in the United States, nearly two-thirds of our electricity, and virtually all of our transportation fuels. Moreover, it is likely that the nation's reliance on fossil fuels to power an expanding economy will actually increase over at least the next two decades even with aggressive development and deployment of new renewable and nuclear technologies.

Natural disasters, for example the Tsunami in Japan, and political unrest in the Middle East impact our energy prices here at home. Take control of your energy costs with an abundant supply of free energy from our Sun.

America Approved Energy Services provides the products and services needed to satisfy commercial and utility grade projects through our network of suppliers and integrators.

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